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This page provides insight into the upcoming e-invoicing mandates in France and Poland, which are set to go live on July 1st, 2024, and the actions that Kofax is taking to ensure a seamless transition for our customers.



France will implement e-invoicing and e-reporting obligations, starting from July 2024. The French model, known as the Y-model, is a hybrid between centralised distribution and a decentralised access-point model.

Kofax’s actions in preparation for this mandate:

  • Kofax will apply to become a PDP (Plateforme dematérialisation Partenaire) for both sales and purchase invoices. All PDP’s must be certified and audited by the French government. We expect to receive our PDP Number (Numéro d’immatriculation) by July 2023.
  • Kofax will also apply to be part of the pilot scheme for this mandate that will be conducted by the DGFIP (French Tax Office) between January and June 2024
  • As a certified PDP, Kofax will develop compliant solutions for both e-invoicing and e-reporting. We will also establish a connection with the Central Directory (Annuaire) in addition to connecting with the Public Portal (PPDF) and other PDP operators in the country.
  • Kofax is already working with our partners to establish an ecosystem of Dematerialisation Operators (OD: Opérateur Dematerialisation) to be ‘plug-in ready’ for buyers and suppliers once this mandate goes live.

Find out more about the upcoming e-invoicing and e-reporting mandate in France here.



Poland will implement e-invoicing obligations, starting from July 2024. The Polish model is a central distribution model: Polish suppliers must submit their invoices in a structured format (XML) to a government platform (KSeF), and buyers must retrieve invoices from the KSeF platform in a structured format. The Polish KSeF platform will not perform detailed checks of invoice data. Kofax will not only ensure that your invoices are compliant but also that the quality of your invoices does not deteriorate once this mandate is live.

Kofax’s actions in preparation for this mandate:

  • Upon this mandate going live, Kofax will be connected to the KSeF platform for sales and purchase invoices.
  • Kofax is currently establishing connections with the KSeF platform. There are no special certification processes for e-invoicing providers, other than the ability to act on behalf of suppliers and buyers.

Find out more about the upcoming e-invoicing mandate in Poland here.

Why Kofax is the worlds leading compliance network:


  • Compliance mandates are accelerating worldwide. Kofax stays ahead of the latest compliance trends updates so that our customers remain compliant in every country they operate in, via a single integration. Connect once for compliance in over 50 countries.


  • Our customers have unparalleled visibility into the potential impact of e-invocing mandates on business performance, implementation timelines and the steps that Kofax will take to ensure compliance for our customers. We create a transparent process, prioritising the issues that are most important for our customers. 


  • The Polish XML (FA_VAT) is very rich and has close to 600 fields, most of which are optional, but are subject to complex rules. Meanwhile, in France the DGFIP has identified 35 invoice use cases that require special processing. Kofax removes the complexity of compliance for your business whilst helping you understand your current inbound/outbound invoice data flows, including compliant EDI.