Modèle de facturation électronique :
  • Post-clearance (within 24 hours)
Format de fichier obligatoire :
  • Local XML
Obligations B2G :
  • SRI
Exigences en matière d’archivage 
  • 7 Year Period
Signature électronique :
  • Mandatory

Mises à jour


  • Informations sur le mandat fiscal
Partial e-invoicing mandate There has been recent e-invoicing traction across Latin America as companies push to advance the e-invoicing agenda in their respective countries. Ecuador is the latest country to introduce e-invoicing to its shores. The Internal Revenue Service (SRI) is introducing mandatory e-invoicing for certain taxpayers by 30 November 2022. Further to Resolution NAC-DGERCGC22-00000024, any taxpayers subject to income tax that were not obliged to issue invoices electronically must now comply with e-invoicing regulations by 30 November 2022 at the latest. Ecuador’s e-invoicing history dates to 2012, and the country has since advocated a phased implementation of e-invoicing obligations for taxpayers.


  • Informations sur le taux de TVA/G(S)ST
VAT reduction for tourist services The VAT rate for the tourism sector in Ecuador has been reduced from 12% to 8%, from February 26 2022 until 1 March 2022, and from April 15 to April 17 2022.

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