Modèle de facturation électronique :
  • B2G: Peppol
  • B2B: Post-Audit
Format de fichier obligatoire :
  • B2G: Peppol BIS, NL CIUS, SI-UBL
  • B2B : sans objet
Obligations B2G :
  • B2G: Digipoort/Peppol
Exigences en matière d’archivage 
  • 7 Year Period
  • 10 Years for Immovable Property
Signature électronique :
  • Pas obligatoire


La gestion du panorama mondial de la conformité fiscale est complexe et gourmande en ressources. En matière de facturation électronique, chaque pays dispose d’un ensemble d’exigences spécifique et en constante évolution.

La non-conformité, intentionnelle ou non, peut entraîner des pénalités financières considérables, une perturbation des activités et un impact sur la réputation.

Mises à jour


  • Mises à jour des pays
Incentive to cut VAT on fruits and vegetables Coalition parties have been putting forward the proposal to reduce VAT on fruits and vegetables. As we have seen with ‘green’ initiatives both in Europe and globally, fiscal measures are often intrinsically linked to social and political reforms. Coalition parties in the Netherlands are hoping that reducing VAT will help curb obesity and other health-related illnesses in the country. Proposals for a reduced rate are yet to be carved into law and are currently being discussed. Tungsten Network is continually reviewing tax rate changes in Europe. The Tungsten Web Form facility currently includes the option to select all valid Dutch VAT rates. We will ensure that any new valid VAT rates, if applicable, will be integrated as part of our portal solution.


  • Informations sur le taux de TVA/G(S)ST
VAT reduction for energy, natural gas and electricity and district heating Rising inflation across Europe has forced many countries to assess the deployment of VAT rates, particularly in relation to energy. Netherlands is no exception, and a combination of socio-economic factors has meant that the government has addressed ways it can compensate low- and middle-class families affected by rising costs. To this effect, the VAT on energy will be reduced from 21% to 9%.


  • Informations sur le mandat fiscal
Joint incentive to reduce the VAT gap Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg representatives have convened to discuss plans to reduce the VAT gap. Although Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC) have proven to be extremely popular in the past few years, with a means to reducing the VAT gap, the VAT gap remains high- 134 million Euros was lost in revenue the EU in 2019. Shared borders and economic interests between the 3 countries have prompted the countries to work together to reduce this gap yet further- a key factor in the implementation of e-invoicing mandates.

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