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Unilever and Tungsten obtain CAS usage permit in Philippines.

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Unilever and Tungsten obtain CAS usage permit in the Philippines


Changes to the compliance procedure in the Philippines has meant buyers need to obtain a Central Administration System (CAS) usage permit granted by the associated authorities. In complying with this regulation, a CAS permit application needs to be initiated by the buyer and can only be granted by the Philippines Revenues Agency (BIR- Bureau of Internal Revenue).

The process to obtain such a permit is potentially cumbersome and can take considerable time and extensive tenure.

For example, elements of the application include extensive documentation, various walkthroughs to familiarise the authorities with the system, affidavits and sworn statements to state ‘unhindered and immediate archiving access’, among other requirements.


The Exciting News

After several years of collaboration, we can officially announce that a usage permit between Unilever and Tungsten was finally granted in early January 2020.

This is an important milestone; firstly, as we are one of the very few, if not the only, provider for which a buyer has obtained a CAS permit, and – secondly – because much of the information and documentation provided, including the time-consuming walkthroughs, does not have to be done again which allows other Tungsten Network buyers to benefit from a faster and smoother application process.

We’re very proud of the work that went into achieving this and pleased to deliver a better service to our customers and partners in the Philippines and beyond. This is a great step forward for both Tungsten Network and our customers operating in The Philippines.

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