Accounts Payable Workflow

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Is your accounts payable (AP) department spending valuable time matching PO-based invoices? Is the process of approving non-standard invoices long and drawn out, to say nothing of the processing exceptions? Tungsten Network Workflow is designed to take the headache out of AP with an automated accounts payable workflow.

Tungsten Workflow streamlines the AP processes from receipt of invoice through to payment. In the meantime, the intuitive platform delivers valuable insight that continues to fine-tune processes and further reduces costs.

Tungsten Workflow integrates seamlessly with leading ERP systems, including:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • E-Business Suite
  • JD Edwards

Companies implementing Tungsten Workflow with e-invoicing are realizing a noticeable savings when it comes to processing costs – up to 60 percent! See how your organization can benefit from an automated accounts payable workflow process. Download our white paper today.

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