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Each day billions of transactions happen in the global marketplace. Enormous amounts of time are spent submitting and processing data — and let’s face it, each time one of these invoices is touched there is a potential for a mistake. Furthermore, there are growing demands for compliance with increasingly intricate regulation. Streamlining processes and becoming more agile are necessary to combat these issues. And organizations are searching for B2B networks to aid in this. That’s where Tungsten Network comes in.

Tungsten Network, a leader in compliant invoicing around the globe, is making commerce between Buyers and Suppliers smarter, faster, and easier. With more than half of the Fortune 500 community on board, Tungsten Network provides greater visibility into the Accounts Payable process in addition to more insights and unprecedented speed. Users of Tungsten Network enjoy:

  • Tungsten E-invoicing – for an automated invoice process
  • Tungsten Analytics – providing real-time insights for better buying decisions
  • Tungsten Early Payment – putting Suppliers in control of their cash flow

Buyers and Suppliers alike are choosing Tungsten Network overwhelmingly over other B2B networks. For more on why, download this article today!

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