Benefits Of Electronic Invoicing

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The benefits of electronic invoicing for the buyer are well known — reducing paper, increasing efficiency and accuracy, improving productivity, reducing fraud and risk with improved internal controls, and so on. It’s really a no-brainer. However, for electronic invoicing to work suppliers need to get on board. And what’s their motivation? Tungsten Network helps with this.

Tungsten Network encourages supplier participation first by guaranteeing the delivery of electronic invoices. And once the invoice has been received, suppliers gain access into invoice status, letting them know where in the verification and authorization process it is. Tungsten Network also provides suppliers with:

  • Increased invoice accuracy — and fewer exceptions means fewer blocked payments
  • The ability to convert purchase orders directly into invoices
  • Improved cash flow with early payment services

The benefits of electronic invoicing don’t stop there. Learn more by downloading this insight.

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