Digital Finance Transformation

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A long and costly installation process has, until recently, prevented businesses from gaining access to real-time data. Tungsten Network Analytics is changing that — and creating a digital finance transformation.

As a completely web-based system, Tungsten Analytics is easy to access, requiring no software and no expensive expensive maintenance fees. In fact, current customers of Tungsten Network benefit from a deployment that is accomplished in as few as 48 hours. And whether you’re looking to understand your company’s spend, tax, or product price variance reports, it’s simple to do with our web platform.

Tungsten Analytics provides:

  • Real-time and historical price variance analysis
  • Contract and policy complianceÂ
  • Rationale for vendor consolidation

Furthermore, access to real-time data means better buying decisions are made, saving businesses on average between 1-4% of total spend. How’s that for a digital finance transformation?!

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