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Moving to digital invoicing provides multiple benefits, including greater accuracy, reduced costs, and improved efficiency. However, these benefits are often overshadowed by fears of data transfer that is unsecure. That’s where Tungsten Network can help.

At the heart of our business is the Tungsten Network electronic invoicing platform, connecting hundreds of thousands of Suppliers across the globe with the world’s biggest companies and government agencies. The success of our network can be attributed to availability, confidentiality, and integrity. We adhere to a number of standards to ensure this, including:

  • Conforming to the International Standard of Assurance Engagements
  • Conducting quarterly internal audits on aspect of logical, physical, and process controls
  • Complying with and maintaining the ISO/IEC 27001 Standard Certificate

To create a digital fortress in the invoicing process, businesses are turning to Tungsten Network in droves. Learn more by downloading this informative report.

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