Electronic Invoice System

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Electronic invoice systems are exploding into the marketplace due to a driving need for increased efficiency and reduced processing costs. As is often the case, not all systems are created equal. Systems that fail to engage Suppliers risk extinction due to poor adoption rates. And that’s where Tungsten Network stands out.

By guaranteeing delivery of electronic invoices, Suppliers are encouraged to participate in the paperless process. And Tungsten Network continues to delight Suppliers by giving them visibility into invoice status from delivery to receipt of payment. Suppliers are also provided with:

  • The ability to convert purchase orders directly into invoices
  • Increased invoice accuracy
  • Improved cash flow with early payment services

Greater levels of accuracy and efficiency are achieved when enterprises transition to an electronic invoice system. And Tungsten Network, the world leader in compliant electronic invoicing is helping to make this possible with an electronic invoice system that is readily adopted and that encourages lasting relationships between Buyers and Suppliers.

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