Global Business Models

Go Beyond E-Invoicing Automation!


Transforming global business models is as simple as automating invoicing. However, relying on someone else to ensure compliance isn’t always easy. As the world’s largest compliant e-invoicing network, Tungsten Network ensures confidence.

As a Buyer or Supplier on the Tungsten Network, business decision making and cash flow management are enhanced with the gain of significant efficiencies. What’s more, relationships are solidified with improved supplier services, providing a competitive advantage in the long-term.

For global buyers:

  • Improved internal controls for a reduction in fraud and risk
  • Easily scaled business operations, facilitating global growth
  • Automated financial processes, increasing efficiency and accuracy

For global suppliers:

  • Optimized financial management processes
  • Support the delivery of legally compliant invoices in 47 countries
  • Guaranteed delivery of electronic invoices

With Tungsten Network, compliance is ensured, growth is facilitated and business operations are enhanced for prime examples of global business models. Learn more about Tungsten Network and how you can benefit from our global trader operations by downloading this Spend Matters report.

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