Global VAT Compliance

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While global expansion is a good thing, understanding the often confusing rules or standards set forth by local governing entities can be a difficult and time consuming task. And when you take into account value-added taxes (VAT), misunderstandings can quickly lead to migraines. This is where Tungsten Network comes in, with global VAT compliance extending to Europe, North America, Asia, and beyond.

Tungsten Network, the global leader in e-invoicing, is used by thousands of companies, in over 100 countries to streamline the invoicing process. And with Tungsten Network dealing with the complexities of international tax legislation, you save time, effort, and cost. But that’s not all. Tungsten Network also:

  • Enables your suppliers to submit tax compliant invoices directly to you
  • Offers a legally compliant archive for storage of all invoices processed by Tungsten Network
  • Gives you the tools and guidance to inform your tax office you’re receiving invoices via Tungsten Network

For global VAT compliance Tungsten Network is the global e-invoicing company with which to partner. Discover how Tungsten Network is the right fit for your enterprise.

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