India eInvoicing

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Do you find the rules and regulations surrounding invoices in India to be confusing? Does remaining compliant take valuable time and energy away from other areas of your business? Tungsten Network, the globally compliant electronic invoicing network, is now making India e-invoicing a reality — and making it easier than ever to do business with your Suppliers in India.

As the sole electronic invoicing provider approved by the Central Authority (CBEC) under the current tax regime, Tungsten Network is helping you and your Suppliers trade with confidence in India. We’re eliminating the difficulty of understanding and addressing complex national and local government regulatory requirements by:

  • Giving you a standardized process to follow
  • Guaranteeing authenticity and validity of e-invoices
  • Addressing market specific issues/questions with a regionally-based staff of more than 100 English-speakers

Let Tungsten Network do the work of dealing with complex nationwide and state-governed invoicing laws. Find out how we’re making India e-invoicing possible by downloading this report today.


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