Internal Supply Chain

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For an internal supply chain to function, the flow of cash must be readily available. Without it, keeping current on outstanding bills is challenging and when you fall behind it’s likely your own suppliers will cut you off. What if there was a way to quickly and easily secure financing on outstanding customer invoices? With Tungsten Network, there is.

Tungsten Early Payment, available exclusively to suppliers on the Tungsten Network, puts suppliers in control of their cash flow. They simply choose which approved invoices they would like to have paid early and receive that amount less a small fee. With Tungsten Early payment:

  • Seasonal, occasional, and frequent use is possible
  • Pricing is dynamic, based on when you choose to sell your invoice
  • Documentation and registration is simple

There is no longer a reason for internal supply chains to struggle with financing. Learn more about how Tungsten Early Payment accelerates cash flow by downloading this informative Spend Matters paper.


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