Purchase Order Process

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You can enhance your purchase order process by sending your purchase orders electronically to your suppliers through the Tungsten Network

  • You can upload and send your purchase orders electronically to some or all of your suppliers
  • Suppliers can acknowledge receipt, accept, request changes or reject your purchase order
  • Suppliers may use your purchase order data to automatically populate the content of an electronic invoice
  • You can perform Purchase Order Compliance Checks to determine if the invoice data conforms to the specifications of your purchase order, either exactly or within your specific tolerances

You may use any combination of services. Our flexible approach enables you to implement only the purchase order services that you need in order to implement your ideal end-to-end process.

  • You will reduce costs for processing Purchase Orders printing/ mailing or faxing overhead costs are eliminated
  • Your purchase orders will not be lost, damaged or delayed
  • Continuity of supply will be facilitated by rapid exchange and acknowledgement of purchase order data electronically, as data, between you and your suppliers
  • Electronic purchase order data will start the procure-to-pay process with accurate data and will reduce subsequent downstream errors
  • You will reduce invoice processing costs as there will be higher auto-match rates for PO Invoices and increased straight through processing

See how both you and your suppliers could benefit from using the Tungsten Purchase Order Service by downloading the 2016 Billentis Report to the right.

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