SAP Accounts Payable

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Is your organization currently utilizing SAP Accounts Payable? Are you anxious to transition to an electronic invoicing process and are concerned about integration and functionality? Tungsten All-in-One for SAP Accounts Payable is a SAP certified solution.

Tungsten Network processes invoices of all types, including: email attachments, paper, e-invoices, and so on. The PO-backed invoices are automatically matched with SAP purchase order data and real-time receipt of goods data using SAP data and tolerance matching rules, while managing any exceptions that may occur. Non-PO invoices are routed for general ledger coding and approval via workflow, in a processing manner approved by the customer.

In addition, Tungsten Network provides:

  • Automatic posting of transactions of transactions into SAP for payment using standard BAPI interfaces
  • Direct drill down from SAP to view the invoice image and other associated documents
  • Securely managed documents, eliminating negative consequences to SAP performance and availability

Integrating electronic invoicing into SAP Accounts Payable is easy with Tungsten Network. Learn more about the possibilities by downloading this informative paper today.


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