Spend Analytics Dashboard

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There are countless dashboards available and reporting tools available to Procurement professionals today. Many of which are convoluted, cluttered and confusing. A great number provide too much information when all the user really wants to see is their relative KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in an easy to read format allowing for a quick understanding of business and project performance.

The Tungsten Network Analytics dashboard provides customers with such details on some simple key metrics by month such as:

  • Spend on the network
  • Volume of invoices flowing through the network
  • Active suppliers on the network

The interactive nature of the Tungsten Network Analytics dashboard allows customers not only look at the data at a high level, but then click through and drill down into the detail. For example, the Tungsten Network dashboard highlights the number of invoices that have passed through which do not have a Purchase Order number on them.

What if you want to click through and look at the invoices which do not have a PO number on them for a particular month and year or if you only want to look at the spend and volume for a particular supplier for the past year? You are able to do so in two clicks from the dashboard of Tungsten Network Analytics.

To learn more about Tungsten Network Analytics, download this Spend Matters research today!

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