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Tungsten Network provides invoicing services to more than half the Fortune 500. More than 200 customers worldwide and their suppliers exchange purchase order data, electronic invoices, and payment status files every day. These organizations rely on Tungsten Network e-invoicing to increase efficiency and accuracy with accelerated AP processing time frames.

With Tungsten Network e-invoicing, business decision making is enhanced and cashflow management is improved. The benefits of electronic invoicing with Tungsten Network continue with:

  • Real-time data for optimized spending
  • Reduced processing costs — as much as 50% per invoice
  • Fewer exceptions that lead to blocked payments

By using Tungsten Network’s platform, critical financial processes are automated and efficiency and accuracy are increased. Can you afford to miss out?

Tungsten Network also works directly with suppliers, using a proven methodology to onboard them swiftly so that both buyers and suppliers can start enjoying the advantages of e-invoicing immediately. These advantages include:

  • Guaranteed delivery of electronic invoices
  • Improved productivity in the accounts payable department
  • Global invoice compliance

Our easy-to-use vendor portal allows access to all of your customers on the network via the same login credentials. Create invoices from scratch, convert purchase orders into invoices with the click of a button, check the status of submitted invoices, and even choose invoices to be paid early!

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