Visibility Into Spend

Improve Visibility into Spend to Reduce Costs

A lack of visibility into spend is the key factor leading to redundant and overspending. Tungsten Network Analytics helps enterprises overcome this obstacle.

Customers utilizing the e-invoicing services of Tungsten Network gain the real-time visibility into spending at the enterprise, service, supplier, and individual invoice level necessary to improve procurement controls, ensure contract compliance, and ultimately reduce costs. With Tungsten Network Analytics, enterprises:

  • Gain access to powerful dashboards which allow users to model the implications of varying decisions
  • Consolidate suppliers and strengthen supplier relations
  • Save annually an average of 1-4% of total spend

Tungsten Network Analytics provides the robust, real-time data and easy-to-use reporting tools enterprises need to eliminate overspending. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from improved visibility into spend by downloading this informative Spend Matters Research paper today.

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