What Is Procurement Analytics

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The question of “What is procurement analytics?” generally surfaces with organizations who are striving to maximize savings. At Tungsten Network, we understand the need to identify savings opportunities and have tailored our analytics platform to meet the demands of all of our customers.

Tungsten Network Analytics has recently expanded its suite of options to include three tiers of functionality — free, paid, and premium. By granting Buyers access to top level trends, the free service from Tungsten Analytics delivers a “big picture” view of spending over time. And for those organizations who are looking for a more robust reporting and analytics platform, Tungsten’s paid and premium services deliver:

  • Detailed information on price differences between identical products
  • An average annual savings of 1-4% of total spend
  • Information on incorrect tax allocations

In short, Tungsten Network Analytics is uniquely positioned to answer the question of “What is procurement analytics?” with three tiers of services designed to maximize savings opportunities across the organization.

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