Invoice compliance: are you ready or are you vulnerable?

New e-invoicing mandates and real-time reporting requirements are coming into force every year, with many more in the pipeline over the coming years. Companies who have not prepared for these mandates at a strategic level are having to find expensive and complex workarounds to remain compliant, or risk facing financial penalties and reputational damage.

In this webinar Ruud van Hilten, SVP Country Compliance at Kofax, joins Sarah Fane from sharedserviceslink to review the upcoming mandates, explore why many finance departments are not prepared for them and discuss how to get ahead of them going forward.  Watch this webinar for insight into:

  • The vulnerabilities between finance and tax in meeting the current and upcoming compliance regulations.
  • Strategies to respond to the challenge of staying compliant.
  • Top tips to get finance and tax working together to ensure compliance – now and in the future.

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