Welcome to electronic invoicing for Kerry

Kerry has partnered with Tungsten Network to provide a simpler way for suppliers to submit invoices.

Purchase Order Services

This page is here to help Kerry EMEA suppliers understand the implications, features and benefits of PO (Purchase Order) Services.

Kerry EMEA is implementing PO services with two clear objectives:

  • To make e-invoicing quicker and easier for suppliers
  • To eliminate common errors that cause delay in invoice approval and payment

Web Form Suppliers

You will now be able to log into Tungsten, view your Purchase Order and convert it into an e-invoice in just a few simple clicks. View the short video tutorial to see how easy Tungsten PO Convert is to use.

Using Tungsten PO Convert is quick and easy, especially if you familiarize yourself with the video and PDF tutorials above.

Moving forward, all of the PO data will be extracted automatically so that you do not need to enter or edit manually. Therefore, if your PO is showing on the Tungsten Portal, we strongly encourage you to use the Tungsten PO Convert feature.

Integrated Solution Suppliers

Kerry EMEA continues to enhance its services through Tungsten. This is designed to improve the invoice matching process within Kerry EMEA and help to pay suppliers on time.

Please note that Kerry EMEA will continue to email purchase order to you.

Tungsten will check the PO to ensure:

  • The company on the PO matches that company you are invoicing
  • The PO number quoted is correct
  • That line item numbers match the PO
  • That only one PO number is quoted per invoice